The Machinery Industry is a cyclical, capital-intensive sector. Major markets served to include agricultural, construction, energy, industrial, infrastructure, mining, and transportation. Among the varied products and services are tractors, engines, compressors, generators, cranes, tools, logistics, financing and remanufacturing. North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia are the most significant geographic markets, but there are few if any, countries around the world not served by the Machineries.

The economic impact of machinery manufacturing extends throughout the U.S. economy. Machinery industries provide essential and highly sophisticated technology for many other manufacturing and service industries. Industrial process controls and other automation technologies enable end-users to maximize the productivity of their equipment. Sales of many types of machinery are accompanied by a variety of high-value services as well, including specialized architecture, engineering, and logistics. 

Tens of thousands of companies manufacture machinery in the United States. A majority of these manufacturers are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but there are also many large, public companies and iconic American brands that trade on a global scale. Machinery is manufactured in almost every state, but production is concentrated particularly in the industrial Midwest, California, and Texas.

The machinery manufacturing subsector consists of these industry groups:

  • Agriculture, Construction, and Mining Machinery Manufacturing

  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

  • Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing

  • Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing

  • Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing

  • Engine, Turbine, and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing

  • Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing


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